Customer names and telephone numbers can be provided upon request. We try to match you with a client that had a similar project.

“A good a contracting experience as we have ever had. Work was meticulous-extremely high quality, thoughtfully approached with respect to material selection, exceptional clean up, on time, on budget and exceeding expectations. Highly professional in every respect.”
Byron S., Saratoga, Ca.

"Dear Cheryl and Eddie, The kitchen looks great! Somewhat strangely, the kitchen seems to be brighter with the matte ceiling, which is wonderful. We so appreciate your repairing the fridge door. Eddie. It looks terrific. As the curing continues, the repair will be unnoticeable.

Cheryl, thank you so much for trying to paint behind the toilet. Not yours and Eddie's issue, which makes your can-do philosophy that much more significant.

Thank you very much for everything!
We'll be seeing you."
Arna S., Menlo Park, Ca.

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